Plate Heat exchangers


German manufacturer :

KELVION – Brazed plate heat exchangers.

Plates in stainless steel  joined by “vacuum brazing process” with braze material copper or nickel.

Wide scope : Single phase liquids , de-super heater, condenser, evaporator, sub-cooler.

Medium: water – glycol, oil, food, refrigerants (also ammonia, R410), air,…..


German manufacturer :

Plate Heat exchangers with gaskets from 1 kW to 30MW. Heat exchange surface up to 2000m² for al industrial applications.

Standard series, Double plates for safety, welded cassette for application water-refrigerant, “Wide Gap” for liquids with high viscosity.

Polish manufacturer :

In plate heat exchangers the heat exchange surface is created by corrugated stainless steel plates which are brazed together with vacuum brazing (in case of brazed plate heat exchangers) or combined with gaskets and frames (plate & frame).