Finned Heat exchangers


German manufacturer :

Commercial and industrial evaporators and brine coolers, also special models for refrigeration and freezing tunnels. Double flux models , also with air-intake filter.

Condensers en dry-coolers, also with built on empty housing.

Tailor made coils, also special designs. Pipe pattern staggered or in-line.

Housing : Galvanized steel powder coated, stainless steel.

Fin material: Alu, Epoxy-coated alu, AlMg3, copper, stainless-steel, Hot dip galvanized.

Pipe material: Copper, stainless-steel, Hot dip galvanized.

Fans: Ziehl-Abegg, EBM (also EC-technology), Fläkt-Woods, Siemens, Sud-electric.


Italian manufacturer

Tailor made coils, also in RVS

KFL offers a close cooperation and customize products.


Italian manufacturer :

Evaporators for commercial and industrial applications. Double Flux and cubic models. Coolers for fruit and vegetables. Condensers and dry-coolers.

Tailor made coils, also special designs.

Fin material : Alu, Alu-epoxy-coated, AlMg3, Copper.

Pipe material: Copper , Copper tinned.