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Industrial refrigeration documentation

Thermofin industrial cooling


Thermofin® evaporators are used for different applications in commercial and industrial cooling. You can select between high efficient series with staggered tube system or series with in line tube system and a large surface for more sensitive applications.

Dry coolers

The dry coolers of thermofin® are available in a wide range of performance. The series are especially designed regarding high requirements of performance and stability. In-house developed special solutions ensure the optimum integration into system concepts. The requirements given by the different ambient conditions can be realised by material selection and various surface coatings. All units can be adapted individually to the prescribed noise values.

Hydro cooling systems

The synergy of two different cooling procedures ensure the particularly high performances of our hydro cooling systems on limited installation space. With the use of high-quality materials, they completely meet the industrial and hygienic requirements.

Adiabatic dry coolers :

Thermofin adiabatic dry coolers

Thermofin Adiabatic cooling unit

NEW : TCP- thermofin cooling package

The thermofin cooling package is a compact dry cooling system with an integrated pump station – both controlled by the thermofin control system (TCS). The operational complete package is a customer-friendly plug and play solution.