SECESPOL Platenwisselaars

Secespol is a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers on international markets. Secespol provides tailored heat transfer solutions for petrochemical, heat, power, food and pharmaceutical industries. They are focused on innovation and development off all their products.



The JAG plate heat exchanger, a new solution has been born. The new JAG exchanger with his inventive jagged pattern of a heating plate, will become a long-life dependable solution for your applications.

Final tests confirmed that patented by SECESPOL innovative corrugation JAG pattern combined with specially modelled plate geometry delivers up to 10% higher efficiency than the standard one.

De L-line heat exchangers zijn koper gesoldeerde platenwisselaars gemaakt voor standard verwarming of koel installaties van het liquid-liquid type. Special corrugation pattern of the plates ensures compromise between low flow resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. There are many connection types to be chosen as well as one- or two-pass variants.Secespol L line

OIL COOLERS, are brazed plate heat exchangers, specifically designed for hydraulic oil cooling applications. They provide efficient heat transfer and high flow velocity for viscous fluids.

L-line heat exchangers work as high-efficiency oil coolers that contribute to long, maintenance-free life span for
hydraulic power pack cooling systems or lube oil systems. The plates are sealed together at the contact points
ensuring optimal efficiency and pressure resistance.  They takes up to 60% less space than comparable shell & tube HE and less space than other oil coolers. It also generates lower investment costs.

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JAD : is a shell & coil heat exchanger, compact, high efficient in comparison to standard solutions. The JAD is manufactured in stainless steel, and is available in numerous size versions. The advantage of this vertical installation, it reduced space requirements and by his unique design, he pormotes greater turbulence

The B-line are small size shell & tube heat exchangers with straight corrugated tubes. They offer an ideal solution when there is very high flow in comparison to heat transfer especially in swimming pools, solar systems and oil preheating. Corrugated tubes intensify heat exchange and reduce fouling.