Electronic measuring equipment, flexible resistors, filling and recovery stations, cylinders, service gauge sets, filling hoses, pipe tools, keys, screwdrivers, pliers, solder sets, valves and fittings, copper tubes (Inch & Metric), refrigerant accessories and components .


French manufacturer :

Refrigerant recovery stations and oil, analysis of refrigerant gases, automatic filling stations, leak detectors, cleaning and rinsing products, vacuum-pumps, scales, gauges, flexibles, couplings pipe tools, electronic measuring equipment, data- loggers.


Refrigeration Technologies: Most reliable test for refrigerant and oil ; The CHECK-MATE.

Metreco: Dynamic measuring

Blondelle and RTD: The famous gauges and manifolds are produced by Panimpex. Thanks to a unique “A Lame Acier” principle, the Blondelle gauge is very accurately, i.e 1% of the scale.